Company Profile

UtopiaCompression Corporation is a small business founded in 2002 in Los Angeles.

Our Mission

Improve machine autonomy and turn data into knowledge.

UtopiaCompression delivers innovative and mission-relevant solutions to US Government Agencies and commercial markets. We push the state-of-the-art in the areas of computer vision, autonomous systems, unmanned aircraft Sense-and-Avoid, wireless communications, airborne networking, medical decision support systems and diagnostics. Our capabilities include algorithmic research, machine learning, deep learning, application development and systems integration, and customized support services.

Our Vision

Enrich the world by expanding human capabilities through artificial intelligence.

To paraphrase Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon, as society ascends the orders of social complexity, human-bounded rationality becomes increasingly overwhelmed. We are then pressed to extend our cognitive and rational capabilities through software and hardware. Historically, the evolution of instruments shows greater adaptability and autonomy through the incorporation of intelligence. We take this as a fundamental tenet in pursuit of novel and revolutionary intelligence-based software solutions that serve the needs of modern society.