Maritime Video Surveillance

FLIR uses UtopiaCompression's innovative Maritime Visual Analytics (MVA) in their ClearCruise™ technology. ClearCruise™ enables situational awareness on the water.

MVA was developed with funding from several U.S. Navy-sponsored programs.

  • MVA identifies and tracks objects such as boats, obstacles, and navigation markers.
  • MVA ranges and classifies targets of interest.

Effective maritime video surveillance is a key security need. Sponsored by the U.S. Navy, UC has developed a suite of Intelligent Video Analytics Software Tools called SeaPortector based on our in-house expertise in computer vision and machine learning. SeaPortector serves as a force multiplier by enabling fully automated capabilities:


  • Maritime surface target detection (on-board a ship or an aircraft)
  • Multiple target tracking (robust to occlusion and high sea states)
  • Hierarchical target classification and recognition
  • Threat analysis and alerting